QLS QA361 HiFi Lossless Pure Sound DSD hard code Music Player MP3 Dual Femtosecond Clock AK4495SEQ DAC chips 6*OPA1622 3800mAH


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QLS QA361 HiFi Lossless Pure Sound Music Player for DSD SACD-ISO with single-chip computer single thread ultra real-time code AK4495SEQ DAC chips/6pcs OPA1622/PGA2311UA DSD64/128 24Bit/352.8KHz QLS-HiFi


1. It is adopted by the single-chip computer single thread ultra real-time code, make sure the sound to be more purified, more details can be restored.

2. It rewrites the code full linear reading card, and isolates TF card power supply, the sound background is more black, more purified and natural.

3. 0.088ps double femtosecond crystal vibration provides the clock for the overall synchronization of the whole machine.

4. Two 470000uF super capacitors independently supply the power to the analog and digital.

5. 6 OPA1622 achieve four kinds of trust mode of ear amplifier: Standard, Large current, High voltage and Dual-high.

6. AK4495SEQ sound quality special edition + high voltage power supply, make sure high quality and the good feeling of music.

7. Enhanced capacitive load driving capability can drive the capacitive load larger than 2000pF.

8. The sound is extremely penetrating, delicate and has the very excellent feeling of music.

QA361 Adapts To The Crowd

1. You have the high-end player, and want to experience the pure tone mode and the extremely penetrating sound again, QA361 is worth having at the same time.

2. If you have the near ultimate pursuit for the sound, and you prefer to compromise the other aspect, QA361 is developed for you.

3. If you pursue the penetrating and delicate, and the good feeling of music, as well as the smooth and natural sound, QA361 is very suitable to you.

4. If you play the binding for the sound quality, do not miss QA361, it will alleviate the binding for you.

5. If your payer in hand can not drive your headphone / headset, or can not drive well, you can try it.

6. If you love to listen the classical background music while reading, QA361 can bring you the natural and smooth sound to you.

7. If you like the sound balanced advanced desktop system, and want to experience the similar as the easy and elegant sound from the carry-on device.

8. If you have a busy work and big pressure, and want to listen the good music quietly, seek for a music can touch your soul.

9. If you are a worker in charge of music, and need a player for listening the extremely penetrating, extremely pure restoration music.

10. If you have a lot of headphones / headsets, and need a player can drive most of earphones.

11. If you are an audio researcher, QA361 excellent and pure sound can help your work.

In a word, The friends who have a certain pursuit for the sound quality, and can accept the pure sound player, QA361 is the best choice for you.


* Storage media: Adopt an external TF card, Support FAT32 and exFAT document system, Support the maximum capacity of 256G at present.

* Sound mode: Slow Roll-off, Sharp Roll-off, Short Delay Slow Roll-off, Short Delay Sharp Roll-off, Supper Slow Roll-off, All To DSD.

* High and low gain: Low gain, High gain, It is adopted by analog signal hardware control, make sure the good sound quality is achieved in low gain and high gain.

* Headphone amplifier thrust mode: Standard mode, Large current, High voltage, Dual-high (Large current + High voltage).

* Support the sound track: Two track (Stereo).

* Digital output: 3.5mm coaxial output port * 1.

* Coaxial output: Level 0.5Vp-p, matched impedance 75 ohm, support the highest 24Bit / 192KHz and DoP for DSD64.

* Reference clock jitter: 0.088 micromicrosecond (88 femtosecond).

* Ear amplifier output: 3.5mm single port * 1, 3.5mm balanced port * 1.

* Analog output: 3.5mm Line Out port * 1.

* Analog audio parameters:

Additional information

Battery Life

10 – 20 hours



Audio Format Support


Battery Specification

Lithium Battery

Operation Mode

Touch Tone



Brand Name


Body Material




Have Speakers or not




Supports EBook Reading






Storage Type

Flash Memory

Signal Noise Ratio


Model Number


Supports FM




Supports Recording Function


Dimensions (WxHxD)


Display Size

2.4 inches

Balanced Out


External Memory


Storage media

Adopt an external TF card, Support FAT32 and exFAT document system, Su

Support the sound track

Two track (Stereo)

Digital output

3.5mm coaxial output port * 1

Coaxial output

Level 0.5Vp-p, matched impedance 75 ohm, support the highest 24Bit / 1

Reference clock jitter

0.088 micromicrosecond (88 femtosecond)

Ear amplifier output

3.5mm single port * 1;3.5mm balanced port * 1