Quloos QLS QA690 160W*2 DSD Pure Full Digital Audio Power Amplifier


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QLS HIFI QA690 160W*2 DSD Pure Full Digital Audio Power Amplifier

digital inputs: optical, coaxial RCA x 2, analog input, and optional XMOS digital interface module to include an USB input.

format support: 16Bit-24Bit, 32-192KHz PCM signals and DSD64 DoP signal (bit rate, median adaptive).

input switching mode: panel buttons or remote control (digital display input channels, automatically saved).

Volume Control: panel encoder or remote control to adjust volume, digital display current volume of 0-80, the remote control can be adjusted about the sound volume 5, it is automatically saved.

high frequency compensation: available for speaker frequency response inherent defect, using the remote control to fine-tune the high-frequency and low-frequency compensation (default is not compensated).

Input voltage: AC 90V-130V / 180V-250V (machine left switch).

Load Impedance: 2-16 ohms.

Output Power: 4 Ohms: 2 x 160W, 8 Ohm: 2 x 100W.

dynamic: 101dB (A-weighted)

signal to noise ratio: 101dB (A-weighted)

separated degree: 97dB

Frequency response: 10Hz-20KHz (8 ohms).

Standby power consumption:

Machine size: (L) 300mm x (W) 216mm x (H) 100mm; length without output interface and knobs.

Machine weight: 5KG.

(1) Environmental protection energy-saving, high-efficiency power amplification.

(2) The output power up to 160W × 2, to meet the requirements of most speakers thrust.

(3) times, to support pure digital amplifier input PCM and DSD (DSD after internally into PCM, and DSP processing).

(4). Tuning continuation QA661, QA360LE, sound style full calm, relaxed atmosphere, the quality of taste both, simultaneously Naiting nice.

(5) Adhere to the sound of the clock is the soul of the design concept, the use of a new generation of zero-Jitter Clock QLS and digital processing circuits blessing local asynchronous digital signal regeneration, enough to ensure sound knot like fine, delicate.

(6) the power to carry out the sound of the mother of design, selection of high-power switching power supply, 20000uF Britain fever main filter capacitor, and the whole accounting for more than 70% of the power processing circuitry, the perfect realization of the ultimate sound.

(7) The real pure digital amplifier directly to the input of the digital signal processing and amplification, analog amplification loop-free, direct and transparent sound, excellent transient, dynamic amplitude, low distortion, accurate positioning, can be very good recording emotional interpretation.

(8) Good sound can not be ignored in any detail, Conghua shock, shock lead two serious adjustment shock, the big source (internal switching power supply) shock lead as individuals, respectively, of the shock, so as not to affect other circuits, from circuit board inside the machine and a separate guide to the shock of the earthquake and the housing screws button force adjustment and seriously rigorous treatment.

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